brown and white floral throw pillow on brown couch

Self-Massage for Feet

brown and white floral throw pillow on brown couch
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In these times of isolation and physical disconnection, you might be craving some touch. This is not only normal but totally reasonable. We’re tactile creatures – it’s how we show and receive affection and demonstrate trust. Anthropologist, Ashley Montagu, claims that ‘touch is not experienced as a single physical modality, as sensation, but effectively, as emotion’. This means that touch is an essential part of human existence and without it, we suffer.

If you’re feeling physically neglected, one thing you can do is self-massage. Now I know it’s nowhere near as good as receiving touch from another person but these are desperate times. I like to do this with a tennis ball, but you can use a water bottle too. This technique allows you to show your feet – an area of the body we often neglect, some well-deserved attention.

1. Soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in salt water or water with your fave essential oil.

2. Dry your feet and take a comfy seat on a chair or sofa and place a tennis ball on floor.

3. Position the ball perpendicular to your foot.

4. Place the arch of your foot on the tennis ball and apply enough of your body weight where it is comfortable, but you feel the pressure.

5. Roll the ball from the bottom of heel to your toes.

6. Continue to roll the ball back and forth slowly for 20 to 30 seconds at a time before alternating feet.

7. Repeat on the opposite foot.

I tend to do this for about 30 minutes while watching some trashy TV like The Real Housewives of pretty much anywhere. I find it’s just enough pampering to tide me over until I can get a real-life, full-body hug from pretty much anyone.