Stretch Your Spine Six Ways

The idea that your spine can, and should, stretch six different ways each day was such game-changing info for my physical wellbeing. I can’t believe it took me until I enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training before anyone told me how transformative this simple practice can be.

Looking at my little stick figures above, how many ways do you bend your spine each day? I would guess two-to-four of the six ways. We all bend over to put on our shoes, sure, but when do you ever arch your back during the day?

We might twist around and speak to a colleague if we don’t have a rotating chair, but do we make sure we twist the opposite side too? Unlikely. How about lateral side bending? I can’t think of any time I used to do that during the course of my day in an office.

It’s imperative we move our spine in all of these different directions often to increase range of motion and prevent deterioration. By decompressing the spinal disks and allowing for greater space between them, you are more likely to avoid conditions like spondylosis and injuries like slipped or herniated disks.

Here is a really quick, simple practice to do each morning to help you get your spine in line!