Trauma-Informed Affirmations for Yoga Teachers

When working with those who have experienced trauma, a mantra asserting bodily appreciation can be helpful. ⁠

Many of us who have survived complex trauma whether physical, emotional, racial, sexual and/or generational hold much of this in our bodies. This can lead to the rejection of our bodies and self-harm. ⁠

By vocalizing to ourselves and others that we not only accept our bodies but love our bodies, it can help us to see our bodies differently and positively. This can be a deeply nourishing practice for survivors.

Our voices are powerful and vocalizing to ourselves and others that our body is safe, our body is ours can be a hugely empowering and affirming practice for survivors.

Don’t be afraid to invite your students to embrace their power in whatever way serves them. These affirmations are useful no matter where you’re teaching. Every space should be a trauma-informed space.