BreathWork From Home

Home office party people! Join me each Wednesday for a 20 minute recharge while you work from home! Right now, due to the pandemic, we’re all spending more time stuck to our screens with little opportunity for brain breaks and movement during the day. I don’t know about you, but miss my morning walk to… Continue reading BreathWork From Home

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Four Simple Ways You Can Change the World in 2021

Many people understandably have a complicated relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Essentially they are little promises we make to ourselves with often unrealistic expectations of the end outcome. Any failure to achieve these annual goals undoubtedly results in disappointment with ourselves and feelings of inadequacy until we start it all over again next year. Fun!… Continue reading Four Simple Ways You Can Change the World in 2021

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Why Breathwork Works

For thousands of years, spiritual seekers, mystics and yogis have used the power of the breath to shift their consciousness. By regulating the breath, they found they could more easily control the mind. They reached altered states of awareness and discovered that profound healing was possible through simple breath manipulation.  Yogis, both ancient and modern,… Continue reading Why Breathwork Works


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