Trauma-Informed Affirmations for Yoga Teachers

When working with those who have experienced trauma, a mantra asserting bodily appreciation can be helpful. ⁠Many of us who have survived complex trauma whether physical, emotional, racial, sexual and/or generational hold much of this in our bodies. This can lead to the rejection of our bodies and self-harm. ⁠By vocalizing to ourselves and others… Continue reading Trauma-Informed Affirmations for Yoga Teachers

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Four Simple Ways You Can Change the World in 2021

Many people understandably have a complicated relationship with New Year's resolutions. Essentially they are little promises we make to ourselves with often unrealistic expectations of the end outcome. Any failure to achieve these annual goals undoubtedly results in disappointment with ourselves and feelings of inadequacy until we start it all over again next year. Fun!… Continue reading Four Simple Ways You Can Change the World in 2021

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Self-Massage for Feet

Photo by cottonbro on In these times of isolation and physical disconnection, you might be craving some touch. This is not only normal but totally reasonable. We're tactile creatures - it's how we show and receive affection and demonstrate trust. Anthropologist, Ashley Montagu, claims that ‘touch is not experienced as a single physical modality,… Continue reading Self-Massage for Feet