We run various events and workshops throughout the year. Check out my current offerings below!

Drop-In(to) Your Body

Run in partnership with Stillpoint Spaces, I run weekly drop-in sessions where you can connect to breath and body to decompress, connect, and ground.

Designed for those with a passion for mental health, these sessions have been created with mental health professionals and the psychologically curious in mind but all are welcome!

Connected Community Breathwork

This workshop is for anyone wanting to know more about, or delve further into, the practice of breathwork. Throughout this hour we will use various, powerful techniques including conscious, connected breath to shift energy, remove blockages and bring emotions to the surface.

Please bring an open mind, headphones and a blanket and get ready to do some somatic self-healing.

I was able to really let go and do deep work. I felt truly light and unblocked after the session.

E – individual client

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