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Yes! All of the resources on this page are yours for free! Why? Because wellness shouldn’t only be available to those with cash to splash. I know you’ll love what I give away so much you’ll tell your friends or your boss and the Well Ed network will grow!

Please note all resources are for personal use only and may not be reproduced for profit. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy what you find here.

I created these challenge cards to introduce a small intention to each day. Often we get stuck in routine feel unable to break free, but really, the power is always in your hands. These cards challenge you to do something as small as change up the colour scheme you typically wear, which can have a surprisingly big, positive impact on your mood and day.

The challenges are all small and designed to be fun. See if you can stick to doing at least one challenge per week and then build up to one per day. Your cards will last longer and you’ll ease yourself in gently too. Remember, this is supposed to be fun and push you very gently out of your comfort zone. Go on! See where the cards take you!

The great thing about a lot of wellness practices is that they are absolutely free! Here I’ll take you through three simple, stress-busting techniques which will help keep you calm if your anxiety flares up or if you’ve got a big presentation to deliver.

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