Rest n Breathe

🚨 Caution: Your wellness journey is at risk of being stifled by lack of imagination, inaccessibility, and obscurantism. RnBreathe seeks to bring joy and play back to healing.   

It is a myth that to heal yourself you have to suffer. That you have to only lean into your pain to come out the other side of it. Play is an integral part to how we learn about, and experience the world. It is how we gauge safety and risk and how we grow. 

Why do we stop using our imagination as we grow older? Why are we in such a rush to shrug off our youth as “childish” and why is that word heavy with negativity? To be childish is to be curious, emotionally open and trusting. What if we spent more time in play when healing? 

Join me for conscious connected breathwork sessions set to music that is evocative, joyful and nostalgic. Tap into who you are becoming by reflecting on who you were when you were at your most carefree. When you were dancing, moving, and connected to your body.