Ways to Radically Self-Care

I get it, when most people hear the words self-care they can't help but picture a supple-bodied, problematic white woman soaking in a luxurious bath of manager's tears sniffing on some Pumpkin Spice candles sipping a glass of Californian Rosé. That's not to say that this isn't self-care, but this is a very myopic interpretation… Continue reading Ways to Radically Self-Care

Practicing Positive Psychology in Your Daily Life

Last year I had the privilege of spending a week at the European Conference on Positive Psychology and was thrilled to hear so many exceptional educators, clinicians and practitioners reaffirm, though various talks, research presentations and workshops, how valuable it is to integrate the tenets of Positive Psychology into daily life. We could all do with a bit… Continue reading Practicing Positive Psychology in Your Daily Life