Wellness for Mental Health Workers

Increase your knowledge of holistic treatment methods you can use yourself as well as pass along to the service users you work with. Learn from global professionals using natural modalities to improve mental health.

In this series of practical workshops and lectures, you’ll dive into various wellness practices to promote mental health and overall well-being.

Learn about mindfulness from a Buddhist monk, Positive Psychology and Flow and Yoga and Breathwork for mental health. These are all practices you can implement instantly and that don’t cost anything.

Our facilitators are all highly trained and knowledgeable and excited to show you how you can integrate these simple modalities into your life and the lives of those you work with.

Workshops include:

Mindfulness and Meditation from a Buddhist Perspective – Spend the afternoon with Swamiwahanse, as he teaches us form his monastery in Sri Lanka. This workshop includes background information on Buddhism and how mindfulness is one of its key tenets as well as practice with various types of meditation.

Positive Psychology and Flow – This interactive workshop is led by Mirna, an interpersonal skills trainer and coach, specialising in positive psychology training and interventions. Mirna will take you through the basics of Positive Psychology and onto more advanced topics like Flow.

Yoga and Breathwork for Mental Health – These topics both have their own workshops and are led by Lee. Lee is the founder of Well Ed and is also a trained counsellor, Yoga teacher and Breathwork guide. These two workshops are designed to be practical and to get you out of your seat and working somatically (with your body).

8+ hours of education and practice plus certification

For further information on dates, cost and facilitators request a handy Info Pack