Why do I need Wellness Education?

Wellness Education for everyone!

According to the World Health Organisation one in four of us is walking around on this earth with a mental health disorder. That’s approximately 2 billion of us! However, this does not include the huge number of us who are, at any one time, not necessarily mentally disordered but would definitely be considered, by our own opinion if nothing else, unwell.

Whether we’re burnt out, depressed, anxious, stressed or any combination of these we are unlikely to receive a medical diagnosis but this does not mean we are all together “well”. Our world is a very scary place for many of us now and for many others, it always has been. So what can be done about this? How do we move forward? We prioritise wellness by improving our wellness education.

Sadly, “wellness” has become a bit of a blanket term to describe anything seemingly indulgent which mostly wealthy white women engage in, yet it is so much more. In fact, wellness is in its simplest terms, the opposite of sickness.

I believe we should all be invited participate in our own well-being and feel physically and emotionally well. Here is your invitation to improve your wellness education with me.