Working With Post-Conflict Populations

Increase your knowledge of the practice of Peace Psychology and develop your skills for working with populations who have suffered trauma due to conflict or other catastrophic events. Learn from renowned psychologists working on the frontlines with post-conflict communities.

Working with post-conflict societies can be complicated and involves many moving parts. After a life-changing event, like civil war, it is common for civilians to have a distrust of the government and those brought in by the government to offer care. This often results in those who need trauma support most not receiving it.

It is often up to civilian groups – organised outside the government, to set up grassroots initiatives to help build trust and provide the care so many need. This is the case with both of our facilitators who have been providing care and resources for those traumatized by brutal events spanning decades.

Workshops include:

Skills for working with post-conflict populations – Certified 2-day training led by Martina, a prominent Croatian psychologist working with refugees and survivors of the Yugoslav Wars.

Trauma support in Sri Lanka – led by Nivendra, a highly-respected psychologist working with various communities in Sri Lanka affected by recent conflicts and the 2004 Tsunami.

8+ hours of education and practice plus certification

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