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I’m Lee, a breathworker, therapist, and RYT-500. I’ve spent the last decade working in mental health and wellness across four countries.

I’m a holistic therapist and my main modality is somatics, which means I incorporate the breath and the body in all my therapeutic work. I don’t believe the mind can be treated in isolation, as we store so much information in our bodies.

I specialize in helping current and future mental health professionals, like you, prioritize wellness in a way that is authentic to you. Explore my offerings below to find out more about how we can work together in a way that takes your whole personhood into account.

Breathwork is a catch-all term for practices that manipulate the breath to impact the nervous system. Through breath also we can calm ourselves down, hype ourselves up, and even transport ourselves to other planes of consciousness. Work with me one-on-one or in a group to learn how to tap into your very own superpower.

These are group offerings that aim to create community and connection. Your wellness journey does not have to be solo and can and should be fun. Trauma is dark and sticky, but when we work together we can find light and softness in the support of others.

Want to learn the why and the how? Join me for courses that explain and explore the benefits of various wellness practices that aren’t filled with esoteric jargon.

I am a disruptor in the wellness sphere because I want your journey to be self-led and these courses will help you to lay a solid foundation on which to build, build, build!

Want a more well workforce?

I run integrative workshops for busy professionals looking to maximize creativity and productivity while minimizing the risk of burnout. From short courses to more in-depth workplace analysis, check out my offerings for your business.

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“Thank you Lee! Loved the breathwork course, I think you’re fantastic at presenting and explaining this information and the course is super well-rounded in terms of what we’ve learnt and tried. I will certainly be trying to take some of the techniques onboard and attending some of your weekend sessions.”