Hi, I’m Lee

I’m a disruptor in the wellness industry. I seek to remove the power dynamic between teacher and student and empower you to take control of your own healing journey.

I approach wellness education through the lens of inclusion. If we don’t take the time to indulge our curiosity about ourselves and others I fear we will continue to be a world divided.

I believe learning should be as interactive and immersive as possible to ensure the biggest impact. By investing time and energy connecting to each other, we connect more deeply to our own humanity. We are all works in progress and all perfectly imperfect.

My approach to wellness education is eclectic and encompasses my ten years of experience working in mental health as well as my training as a trauma-informed yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator. 🙏🏼

CPCAB Accredited in Counselling Skills and Theory

Certified in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling

Diploma in Counselling and CBT